Tubular Synergy Field Services

Field Services

Tubular Synergy’s team is value added for every one of our customers allowing us to service you in a way that no other oilfield tubular distributor will.

• Pipe delivery scheduling with Drilling Consultants, Company Engineers, or SCM team.
• Supply or cause to supply the critical accessories to go along with pipe deliveries.
• Available 24/7 should there be any issues.
• Contact & schedule Mill or Thread Representatives, if needed.
• Set up trucks & forklifts for delivery to and from the well site or ROW.
• Ensure accessories work with float equipment and other downhole tools.
• Monitor ID and/or OD coating of OCTG or Line Pipe prior to delivery.
• Conduct physical inventory reviews with recommendations on customer inventory.
• Make sure all deliveries are on time and Customers.

Technical Services

Tubular Synergy provides the highest level of technical expertise for OCTG & Line Pipe in the industry. We are known for our pipe manufacturing and oilfield tubular application knowledge spanning the life of our company. We have traveled the world visiting OCTG & Line Pipe mills, and therefore are uniquely qualified to identify the highest quality, competitively priced products for our clients. When you do business with Tubular Synergy, you have access to our Technical Services Team which are ready and willing to provide you with the most responsive service in the industry.

• Casing String Design Review
• StressCheck™
• Technical Data Book
• OCTG Casing Failure Investigations
• API, Semi-Premium and Premium Thread Applications
• Mill Audits and Review

Tubular Synergy provides the highest level of expertise and service for OCTG & Line Pipe in the industry.