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ME2 Connection

Name ME2 = Mismatched Elements with Half Tolerance. Tubular Synergy’s internally developed & third party tested ME2 semi-premium connection was developed to provide an economic solution for our customers who needed a rotatable connection to run pipe in extended laterals but who needed the security of performance when the industry was seeing an increase in coupling failures.

With millions of feet already in the ground, and specific detail to the coupling stock used to produce the coupling, this proven semi-premium connection is everything you need and nothing you don’t to make sure you get to total depth without issue.


  • Tighter tolerance API buttress pin
  • Compatible with API buttress accessories


  • Rotatable
  • Pins but to transfer torque and compression
  • Outside groove ring identifies mill side

Patent Protected

  • Issued by the United States Patent Office (US 11,008,819 B2)
  • Patent Pending in Mexico, Canada, China
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Exclusive semi-premium rotatable connection compatible with buttress connections for Exceptional Value.