Field Services

TUBULAR SYNERGY'S Field Service team is value added for each and everyone of our customers allowing us to service you in a way that no other pipe distributor will.


* Schedule pipe deliveries with Drilling Consultants or Company Engineers/SCM

* Attend Spud meetings.

* Work with customers, if changes occur to the string design prior to, or during drilling.

* Available 24/7 should there be any issues when running pipe.

* Contact & schedule Mill or Thread Representatives, if needed.

* Set up trucks & forklifts for delivery or pick up of rig returns.

* Ensure accessories work with float equipment and other downhole equipment.

* Monitor ID and/or OD coating of casing/tubing prior to drilling SWD.

* Accompany pipe to rig location to ensure it is staged and racked correctly.

* Document how pipe goes in downhole per the prog or stick diagram.

* Visit customers to make sure pricing & availability are in order.

* Conduct physical inventory reviews with recommendations on customer inventory.

* Make sure all deliveries are on time & our Customers are happy.